Soon.. additional content on “Hi On Live”

An update that includes additional content for the game “High On Life” will be launched soon, according to the company, “Squanch Games”, on Saturday.
And the company said, through the tweet that it broadcast through its official account on Twitter, the social networking site: “A new high quality in downloading the content of life .. soon.” While it has not yet revealed the date of the release of the additional content and what it contains, as it confirmed that it will soon be available for game users. .
High of Life is available on Xbox and PC, at a price of 76 riyals. It is an adventure and action game that provides the player with a full adventure in fighting aliens.
On December 19, the game topped the list of best-selling games around the world in the Steam online store, outperforming Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, FIFA 23, and God of War.

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