Commitments bring Microsoft closer to buying Activision

Microsoft announced Friday that it has made commitments to the European Commission to persuade it to approve its plan to buy Activision Blizzard, the American video game publisher, for $69 billion.
The European Commission, which is charged with supervising competition in the European Union, opened an investigation last November, expressing fear that Microsoft might prevent access to video games developed by Activision Blizzard to users of consoles and computers, including Call of Duty. And she postponed the deadline for making her decision to May 22, after it was previously set on April 25.
Neither Microsoft nor the Commission wanted to give details of the commitments made, Thursday, during a recent hearing before the Commission.
For his part, Brad Smith, Microsoft’s president, visited Brussels last February to hold talks with European officials, after which he said he was “more optimistic” about obtaining the desired approval from the European Union.

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