Your guide to watching Gulf series in Ramadan 2023.. stories and show channels

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Gulf drama in the Ramadan 2023 season focuses on family issues, the challenges of communication between generations, and complex relationships between social classes, with an ample share of comedies.

Below we present to you a selected list of the titles of some of these works, stories, and display channels.

London batch: The story of a group of Arab students who move to the British capital to study during the eighties, bringing with them their ideas, traditions, and dreams, which collide with the difficulties of adapting to the new society, in which they begin a new chapter in their lives that is not devoid of love, jealousy, and conspiracies.

The series is written by Heba Mashari Al Hamada, directed by Mohamed Bakir, and produced by MBC Studios.

Starring: Laila Abdullah, Lulwa Al-Mulla, Mila Al-Zahrani, Hamad Ashkanani, Abdullah Al-Rumayyan, Riam Al-Jazaery, Rawan Mahdi, Samoud Al-Moamen, Wissam Hanna, Zulfikar Khader, Nasser Al-Dossary, Rola Adel, Fahd Al-Saleh, Hashem Najdi, Abdul Salam Muhammad, Muhammad Safar, Rahaf Muhammad, and many other actors.

Shown on MBC1 and Shahid platform.

Jharih: “Ghanima” comes out of prison at the age of 80, after spending a long period of her life in it, to face the challenge of starting over, amid a series of tragedies and disappointments due to conflicts with her relatives.

The series is written by Jamal Salem, directed by Issa Diab, and produced by Tulip Art Production and Distribution.

Starring: Souad Abdullah, Asmahan Tawfiq, Hanadi Al-Kandari, Muhammad Al-Haddad, Abdullah Al-Tarrouh, and many other actors.

It is shown on MBC Drama, Sharjah, and the Shahid platform.

House 12: The work deals with a group of social and humanitarian issues, and tells the stories of different segments of a Kuwaiti region, House No. 12 is one of its most prominent houses.

The series is written by Mohamed Khaled Al Nashmi, directed by Manaf Abdel, and produced by Abbey’s Productions.
Starring: Saad Al-Faraj, Fatima Al-Hosani, Buthaina Al-Raisi, Muhammad Al-Alawi, Nour, and many other actors.

Shown on Rotana, Kuwait TV, Bahrain TV, Al Dhafra, and Shahid platform.

Denial The work deals with complex social relationships, and focuses on the denial that some of those closest to them may experience.

The series is written by Mohamed Gamal, directed by Khaled Gamal, and produced by Abu Dhabi Media.
Starring: Dawoud Hussein, Basema Hamada, Ali Gomaa, Abeer El-Gendy, Mansour El-Faily, Abdel-Mohsen El-Qaffas, and many other actors.

It is shown on Abu Dhabi and Emirates channels.

dear soul: The work deals with envy, jealousy, and negative feelings that may disturb the peace of the same family.

The series is written by Abdullah Hafez, directed by Mostafa Rashid, and produced by Seven Style Art Production and Advertising.
Starring: Muhammad Al-Mansour, Hussein Al-Mansour, Fakhriya Khamis, Lamia Tariq, Abeer Ahmed, and many other actors.

It is shown on Dubai and Al Dhafra channels.

The Nun and what they know: The work revolves around the desire for revenge, and the roots of the story go back to a girl who suffered from her father’s selfishness, after she lost her mother at the age of 5, during the birth of her brother.

The series is written by Abdul Rahman Ashkanani, directed by Hamad Al Badri, and produced by Dubai Media Corporation.
Starring: Ilham Al-Fadala, Shehab Johar, Abdullah Al-Talihi, Abeer Ahmed, Taif, Fatima Al-Hosani, Muhammad Al-Sairafi, and many other actors.

Shown on Dubai and ART.

velvet cage: It revolves around a strict rich woman who hides many secrets behind her, and takes care of her brother’s children after his death. The work deals with what this Kuwaiti family faces with social and financial problems.

The series is written by Maryam Noseir, directed by Ali Badr Reda, and produced by Abu Dhabi Media.

Starring: Haya Abdel Salam, Fouad Ali, Badr Al-Shuaibi, Maitham Badr, Sarah Salah, Rahaf Al-Anzi, Maram Al-Balushi, and many other actors.

Shown in Abu Dhabi.

April Fool: Bibi lives an idyllic life with her well-known merchant husband, but her life will be turned upside down when she discovers that she has been living in a vortex of lies.

The series is written by Abdel-Rahman Ashkanani, directed by Hussein Al-Halibi, and produced by Beyond Dreams.

Starring: Zahra Arafat, Jassem Al Nabhan, Shawq Al Hadi, May Al Balushi, Laila Abdullah, Abdullah Bahman, Saud Bushehri, and many other actors.

Shown on Rotana, MBC Drama, and Shahid platform.

apple of your eye: The work revolves around a human-comedy framework, about a woman who is unjustly imprisoned, and shows her innocence after 30 years, only to go out and find all the doors closed in her face.

The series is written by Ali Shams, directed by Saud Buaid, and produced by the Saudi Radio and Television Corporation.

Starring: Hayat Al-Fahd, Reem Abdullah, Abdulaziz Nassar, Salah Al-Mulla, Souad Ali, Shaima Ali, Samoud Al-Momen, Aseel Omran, Muhammad Al-Dosari, Hessa Al-Nabhan, and many other actors.

It is shown on Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and SBC channels.

My ideal life: A lawyer who represents only women intersects with the man she would one day marry when they represent their two friends in a divorce case that carries in its files feelings of love, hate, and a desire for revenge, amid a series of comic paradoxes.

The series is written by Maryam Al-Hajri, directed by Saed Bashir Al-Hawari, and produced by The Technical Group.

Starring: Fouz Al-Shatti, Khaled Amin, Ahmed Iraj, Fahd Basem, Maryam Al-Ghamdi, and many other actors.

It is shown on MBC Drama, and the Shahid platform.

Among the Gulf comedies expected this season; Tash 19 Which witnesses the return of Nasser Al-Qasabi and Abdullah Al-Sadhan to the famous Saudi series after an absence of years, in addition to “Minho We Weld” – Season TwoAnd“Safar Rail”- Season Two. The three works are presented on Shahid platformand there is also “Fintas” on the Abu Dhabi channel, And “Shabab Al-Bomb” 11 on Rotana.

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