Weird movie props fetch more than $500,000 at auction

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — A pair of “sausage hands”, a world-facing Bluetooth speaker and a rock with astonished eyes were among the standout items up for sale at one of the year’s most unusual auctions.

And of course, they’re all props from Everything Everywhere All at Once, which is close to winning an Academy Award after garnering 11 nominations.

It was among 43 memorabilia offered for sale by A24, the production house behind the hit film.

To date, the film has won two Golden Globe Awards, five Critics’ Choice Awards, and four Screen Actors Guild Awards.

The Rockverse Rock prop featured scenes set in a world of surprised-eyed rocks.
Credit: Credit: A24

In this work, Michelle Yeoh appears as a Chinese American laundry owner who is dragged into a series of parallel worlds. One of these worlds, for example, is very similar to our own, except that everyone has sausage fingers.

The sausage-shaped hands sold for $55,000, while a pair of matching knitted gloves fetched $4,000.

“Enter the multiverse with Evelyn’s Bluetooth earphones,” production house A24 wrote about this prop on the online auction site.
Credit: Credit: A24

The highest selling item was an animatronic raccoon, which sold for $90,000 to an online bidder.

The animal is shown sitting on top of a chef, played by Harry Shum Jr., as he controls his actions in the restaurant’s kitchen.

The online auction closed after achieving a total of more than $500,000 in sales. The proceeds will be divided among three charities: the Asian Mental Health Project, The Washers Center and the Transgender Law Center.

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