Watch the psychological thriller The Way Out right here!

This week’s Friday Fright Nights feature is the psychological thriller The Way Out, starring Jonny Beauchamp and Mike Manning

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This week’s Friday Fright Nights feature is the psychological thriller The Way Out, which was written and directed by Barry Jay, someone who dreamed of becoming a songwriter but ended up becoming a fitness guru, coming up with “the original high intensity interval workout” Barry’s Bootcamp… and then getting into filmmaking. And I have to give him credit for The Way Out, a film where his interests in songwriting and fitness come across very clearly. Usually genre fans can identify exactly what sort of horror/thriller movie they’re watching as soon as it begins, and can probably guess where it’s going with some accuracy early on. But with The Way Out, I didn’t know exactly where the story was going, and it took some twists and turns I did not see coming.

The story begins with a young man moving into the house his dad just died in. But no, this is not a haunted house story. To cover the bills, he’ll need to rent out a room. Now, the guy he decides to rent the room to is clearly trouble as soon as he shows up on screen, we know we’re watching a thriller so we know not to trust him. But how is this guy going to take the story deeper and deeper into thriller territory? That’s what’s interesting about the story, and how Jay is able to get us to keep watching the movie. We have to see where this situation is going to go, and how dangerous it’s going to get for the characters.

The Way Out has the following synopsis: A young man deals with the loss of his abusive father by taking advice from a charming, dangerous stranger who teaches him about life, sex, and fighting back.

The film stars Jonny Beauchamp as the young man who loses his father and Mike Manning as his dangerous new mentor. They are joined in the cast by Ashleigh Murray, Mitch Silpa, Alison Robertson, Damien Diaz, Evan Todd, Anthony Ruiz, Nick Theurer, Amy Chang, Mack Kuhr, Nicholas Scott, Trey Gerrald, Ed Gonzalez Moreno, Rena Bobbs, D’Arquoia Connor, Muhammed Mustafa Özdemir, Fabian Xavier, and Sherri Shepherd – yes, the same Sherri Shepherd who has her own talk show and was one of the co-hosts of The View for seven years. Shepherd was also an executive producer on this movie.

The Way Out is the third feature film Jay has directed, following the 2018 horror comedy Ashes and the 2019 horror film Killer Therapy. Jay also co-wrote the 2015 horror movie The Chosen and wrote the wrap-around story for the 2016 horror anthology Patient Seven.

So take a look at The Way Out – it’s free! – and let us know what you thought of it by leaving a comment below or on the YouTube page.

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