Victory in the task of securing the lead in front of the sub

The Al-Nasr first football team seeks to consolidate its lead in the Saudi Roshen League, when it hosts its bottom-ranked counterpart, Al-Batin, at the bottom of the standings, on Friday, at Marsool Park Stadium, as part of the 19th round of the competition.
Al-Asfar Al-Asmi players are seeking to achieve their fourth successive victory, after their victory over Al-Wahda, Al-Taawon, and Damak in the past rounds.
Al-Nasr tops the league standings with 43 points, which it won from 13 wins and 4 draws.
The French coach, Rudi Garcia, hopes to continue investing in the state of glow that Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo is experiencing with the team by achieving and creating goals, as he did in the past rounds.
Ronaldo raised his score to 8 goals in his fifth league match, to compete in record time for the top scorer in the competition.
On the other hand, Al-Samawi aims for the second victory in the competition, after he tasted the taste of the first victory in the last round, according to Al-Ettifaq, with a score of “1-0”, in the first match of the Croatian Zdravko Logarusic, who took over the task of coaching the team, succeeding his compatriot Alain Horvat, who was dismissed from his position due to poor results.
Al-Samawi is at the bottom of the league standings with only 6 points, collected from a single victory, a draw in 3 confrontations, and a loss in 14 matches.
In terms of confrontations in the Professional League, they met in 11 matches, Al-Nasr won 8, while Al-Batin won once, and attended a draw twice.

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