US official: We will put restrictions on Chinese companies evading sanctions on Russia

(CNN) — The US administration intends to place restrictions on Chinese companies believed to be “evading sanctions” imposed on Russia as a result of the war on Ukraine.

US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland said, during an event organized by the Washington Post newspaper, that her country “will place restrictions on entities in China or Chinese entities in Europe that we believe are active in evading sanctions,” in addition to imposing a package of sanctions that would It would be announced on Friday, the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Nuland added that this package “focuses heavily on evading sanctions,” noting that Moscow uses third-party countries to evade punishment.

And she continued, “The Russians import more than they need with 1,000% of their laptops, iPhones, and dishwashers from third countries, not because they need, you know, to work at home on their laptops, but so that they can disassemble these devices to get on the advanced chips that we deprived them of.”

It said the upcoming sanctions would “tighten the screws on more Russian banks that were evading sanctions, as well as middlemen who return money to the Russian government through the oil trade.”

It stated that the United States “has made clear its willingness to punish Chinese companies for supporting Moscow’s war in Ukraine, and that some Chinese companies, whether the government is aware or not, are trying to provide support to Moscow.”

“The Russians have always asked the Chinese for weapons,” Nuland added, noting that the United States has constantly warned Beijing against providing lethal military support. This was a major topic of conversation between US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Munich this weekend.

“There was a new warning that we would see this as a violation of sanctions and it would belie China’s assurances of neutrality in the war,” she said. “So that was a difficult conversation in Munich and I think it will continue.”

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