US intelligence reveals the results of an investigation into the origins of the Corona virus.. What did you find?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Director of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, Christopher Wray, acknowledged on Tuesday that the office likely that the “Covid-19” pandemic came as a result of a laboratory accident in Wuhan, China.

During his first public comments regarding the FBI’s investigation of the virus’s origins, in an interview with Fox News, Wray said, “The FBI has long assessed the origins of the pandemic as most likely a possible laboratory incident in Wuhan.”

CNN reported in 2021, citing two sources familiar with the matter, that the FBI had “moderate confidence” in the theory that the virus originated from a laboratory leak.

Wray’s comments come just days after news of the US Department of Energy’s “low confidence” assessment that the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 likely originated from a laboratory leak in China, highlighting the division in the US government that the majority of the intelligence community still believes The virus either emerged naturally in the wild, or there is still too little evidence to make a final judgment one way or the other.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a 2021 report, which revealed that the National Intelligence Council, along with four other unidentified agencies, assessed with low confidence that the initial infection with COVID-19 was most likely due to natural exposure to an animal infected with the virus.

Intelligence agencies can make either low, medium or high confidence assessments.

A low confidence rating generally means that the information obtained is not reliable enough or is too fragmented to make a more definitive analytical judgment, or that there is not enough information available to reach a more robust conclusion.

Wray explained in the interview that the FBI has a team of experts focused specifically on the risks of biological threats falling into the “wrong hands,” including from a “hostile nation-state.”

“We’re talking about a potential leak from a Chinese government-controlled laboratory that has killed millions of Americans, and that’s exactly what this capability is designed for,” Wray said of the coronavirus.

Wray noted that the majority of the details of the FBI investigation remain classified, and that it has been difficult to work with the Chinese government to investigate the origins of the pandemic.

And the FBI director continued: “I’m just going to make a note that the Chinese government, it seems to me, is doing its best to try to thwart and disrupt our work,” adding: “This is unfortunate for everyone.”

China’s Foreign Ministry opposed the US Department of Energy’s updated assessment during a briefing on Monday, with spokesperson Mao Ning saying that “relevant parties should stop raising controversy over laboratory leaks, stop smearing China, and stop politicizing the issue of the virus’ origins.”

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