Tunisia.. The General Labor Union is demonstrating against the policies of Qais Said

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Thousands participated in a demonstration against Tunisian President Kais Saied, in the Tunisian capital, on Saturday, in response to the call of the Tunisian General Labor Union, in protest of the president’s policies against opposition and trade union forces in recent months.

The protesters marched in the center of the capital, holding banners that read, “Tunisia does not tolerate division, not individual rule, O government, the union is always strong, for the real consecration of public and individual freedoms.”

Along with expressions about the economic and social conditions, “against the option of lifting subsidies, oh government of starvation, Tunisia is not for sale, oh government, shame, shame, and prices have set fire.”

On the sidelines of the demonstration, the Secretary-General of the Union, Noureddine Al-Taboubi, was accused of going through the stage of settling political scores, while commenting on the recent wave of arrests of political and trade union figures, whom the authorities accused of plotting against the country’s security.

Al-Taboubi criticized the “individual” rule of the Tunisian president, and the decline in the climate of freedoms in the country. He also criticized the government’s policies and its handling of the country’s economic crisis.

The General Labor Union demonstration comes after its announcement in January of an initiative aimed at presenting proposals to the president, including solutions to the political deadlock and the deteriorating economic and social conditions in the country.

Al-Taboubi expressed his dissatisfaction with the ban on the entry of 14 foreign trade unionists into the country to participate in Saturday’s demonstration.

On Friday evening, the Tunisian News Agency quoted the Tunisian president as saying, “It is unacceptable to invite some foreign people to demonstrate in Tunisia… Let their dealings with them be as institutions, but Tunisia is not an estate, orchard, or land without a master.”

Commenting on Saturday’s demonstrations, he continued, “What are they protesting against today? Accountability? Those involved in corruption? Is there a restriction of freedoms? Is there a country in the world that accepts that some parties work to assassinate the head of state and are not held accountable?”

Qais Said said, “These demonstrations have nothing to do with the demands of the Tunisian people,” he said.

The Saturday demonstrations preceded other upcoming protest activities on Sunday called for by the “Salvation Front”, which includes political forces including the Ennahda Movement, which was the strongest party in Parliament, which Saeed suspended his work in the summer of 2020, before dissolving it later as part of a package of decisions that included dissolving the government and assembling more Powers and powers in his fist.

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