Tomorrow… the start of the Saudi Cup competitions

The activities of the first evening of the most expensive race in the world, the Saudi Cup 2023, will start on Friday, under the slogan “We Race the World”, at King Abdulaziz Square in Janadriyah, with a total prize pool of more than $35 million, divided into 16 rounds, with the participation of 243 horses from 16 countries.
The races will witness eight runs, starting with the 1600-m mile run, in which 20 local and imported three-year-old mares will compete for a prize of $250,000. Kingdom”, and “Maziuna”.
The second half brings together 14 horses for the World Riding Challenge rounds for horses of 4 years and over, “parity 0-90” on the sandy track, with a distance of “1600 m”, and the prize money is $400,000. Al-Ghadaf”, and the Saudi knights Abdullah Al-Awfi and Nayef Al-Anzi will be among the constellation of international stars.
The third half of the second round was devoted to the challenge of the three-year-old horses, “parity 0-90”, and it brings together 14 horses at a distance of 7 furlongs “1400 m” on the sandy track, which is considered one of the speed runs, in which the participating horses will reveal their readiness on the one hand, and their speed in winning such The rounds of the races, where the horses “Cardano”, “Madbas”, “Al-Fahd Shield” and “Intisar” are preferred.
The challenge rounds include the Tuwaiq Cup race for horses of 4 years or more at a distance of 1800m.
The horses move to the grassy track in a full round of 1800 m, and the number of participants is 14 horses, most of which are nominated for winning “Hotky Tonk Man”, “Go Fast Trouble Land”, “Liberation Point” and “HMS Endeavor”.
The challenge rounds conclude with running on the grassy track at a distance of 2100 m, where 14 horses participate in the race, and the one with the longest breath will be the most likely to win the race. “Billy Bats”.
As for the seventh round, which is the Saudi International Handicap from 90 to 110, which will bring together horses coming from the second and third level countries, according to the World Jockey Club classification, 14 horses will participate in it, topped by the nominations “Qader”, “Master Bloom”, “Los Andes” and “Il Decameron”.
The evening ends with the Arabian horses aspiring to win the Al-Manifah Cup on the grass track and its distance is also 2100 m.

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