Thomas Bangalter, who left Daft Punk, will release his first solo album.

Nearly two years ago, Daft Punk announced that they were officially disbanding in truly bombastic fashion. Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, in addition to their work in the iconic duo, have offered their services as primary producers and musicians in other fashions in the past.

Now, two years from now, Bangalter releases his first solo orchestral work, Mythologies. It is his first independent orchestral work, initially commissioned by choreographer Angelin Preljocaj for the ballet of the same name and premiered by the Orchester National Bordeaux Aquitaine under the direction of Romain Dumas.

His last traditional solo album, Ultraje, came out in 2003, between the releases of Descoberta and Humano Despite Everything with Guy-Manuel.

According to the press release –

“The form, stakes and creative process involved in Mythologies are all radically different and represent a new stage in Bangalter’s development over the last thirty years of writing, composing and performing music, during which time he has explored the world of technology and the relationship between humanity and machines in his seminal work with Daft Punk. This score does not draw on the resources of electronic music, but rather embraces the full-scale traditional force of a symphony and, as such, embraces the history of orchestral ballet music in a gesture that is both personal and collaborative.”

Order and learn more here: Mythologies comes out on April 7th.


I. Premier Movements
II. Le Catch
III. talestris

  1. Les Gémeaux I
    V. Les Amazones
    SAW. L’Arrivée d’Alexandre
    VII. Treize Nuits
    VIII. danae
    IX. Zeus
    X. L’Accouchement
    XI. Les Gorgones
    XII. rebirths
    XIII. Le Minotaure
    XIV. Eden
    XV. Ares
    XVI. aphrodite
    XVII. Les Naïades
    XVIII. Pas de Deux
    XIX. convolutions
    XX. Les Gémeaux II
    XXI. I care
    XXII. funeral dance
    XXIII. La Guerre