The Writers and Readers Festival explores the spirit of comedy

The Writers and Readers Festival rediscovered the spirit of comedy among its visitors, through the night of improvisational games that were held as part of the festival’s activities on the Khobar Corniche, in the first edition of the festival organized by the Literature, Publishing and Translation Authority under the slogan “Literary Value from Saudi Arabia to the World”, during the period from February 23 Until next March 11 in the eastern region.
And this night added an atmosphere of continuous fun, as it was presented by the artist Ibrahim Al-Hajjaj, with the participation of Faisal Al-Doukhi, Muhammad Jamil, Nasser Al-Abd Al-Wahed, Mahdi Al-Nasser, Majid Al-Sihati, and Muhammad Al-Qahtani, including five rounds between two teams consisting of paragraphs, in which the audience participated in arbitration, interaction and participation, It is about “a game of sound effects, a change of allowance, a genius director, a game of characters, and a game of excuse for absenteeism.”
The effectiveness of improvisational games is known for its lightness and sense of humor, as the participants were distinguished by performing a kind of live comedy in an impromptu manner on stage, as the Literature, Publishing and Translation Authority provided the artists with the opportunity to test themselves on stage, and to show their skills in the art of comedy in front of the audience, and the audience’s interaction increased in attendance. The mothers of the heroes of the event, which gave an impression and another dimension to the art of comedy in the Kingdom.
In turn, Ibrahim Al-Hajjaj confirmed that the Comedy House in the Eastern Province presented 140 shows in different regions of Saudi Arabia, and it is the first comedy club in the Eastern Province, as it was established with the participation of the artist Faisal Al-Doukhi and Talal Al-Anzi since 2018. Interactive, improvisational presentations.

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