The US military announces the outcome of its attacks against “ISIS” in Syria and Iraq during February

Tampa, Florida, United States of America (CNN) – The US Army Central Command announced the outcome of its operations against the “ISIS” organization in Syria and Iraq during February 2023, and said that it had carried out, with the international coalition and other partners, 48 ​​operations against the organization, which resulted in one death. 22 members, and 25 others were arrested.

And the US Central Command confirmed in a statement posted on Twitter, Saturday evening: “These operations demonstrate our commitment to the enduring defeat of ISIS, and the continued need for targeted military efforts to prevent ISIS elements from launching attacks and to regain any foothold.”

In Iraq, the statement reported that “33 joint operations were launched against ISIS, which resulted in the killing of 17 members of the organization and the arrest of 14 others.” As for Syria, the statement stated that “the United States carried out 15 joint operations, including two operations launched by American forces alone.” As a result, 5 members of the organization were killed, and 11 others were arrested.

The statement added, “Without continued counterterrorism operations, ISIS’s efforts will regain momentum with an increase in the organization’s ability to recruit and reconfigure, and the organization will re-develop its capabilities to plan attacks against the region, our allies, and US interests abroad, and we remain focused on building the local capabilities of partners.” to prevent the return of ISIS.

The statement added that the operations in Syria resulted in the injury of 4 American soldiers and a working dog in the operations, and that they, the soldiers and the dog, are recovering from those injuries, while those attacks did not result in the death of any American soldier.

“We are focused on ensuring the complete defeat of ISIS, and we continue to work with our partners to continue defeating the organization in Syria and Iraq,” said General Michael Eric Korella, commander of the US Central Command, praising the role and dedication of the Iraqi security forces, and the US partners in the Syrian Democratic Forces, stressing that The fight against ISIS continues.

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