The tennis legend is recovering from cancer

Former tennis star Martina Navratilova has announced that she is cured of cancer, after she had fears that she might not start next year.
The former world number one, Navratilova, announced last January that she had been diagnosed with throat and breast cancer.
Navratilova, 66, is scheduled to undergo more preventive radiotherapy, but she revealed in an interview with Piers Morgan, broadcaster on the TV channel, Talk TV, that she is supposed to be fine.
The Sun reported that Navratilova was cured of cancer.
Navratilova, who won 59 titles in the singles and doubles competitions in the four major “Grand Slam” tournaments, revealed that after her diagnosis, she feared the worst.
“I was in complete panic for three days,” she said in the interview, which is set to be broadcast on Tuesday.
Navratilova, who had previously undergone treatment for early-stage breast cancer in 2010, visited doctors after she noticed an enlargement in her neck, and tests revealed that she had cancer, according to the British news agency, BA Media.
The Sun newspaper reported that doctors told her that her condition was highly treatable, and that her full recovery rate was 95 percent.

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