The subconscious and the agreement.. First victory or healing?

The mistake will be forbidden to the Al-Batin first football team, and its counterpart, Al-Ettifaq, when they meet on Saturday, at Al-Awwal Stadium in Hafar Al-Batin, as part of the 18th “Foundation Day” round of the Saudi Roshan League.
The two teams realize that any result during the victory will put them under great pressure, especially the Al-Batin team, which is still looking for its first victory during the current season.
Al-Samawi is at the bottom of the general standings of the league, with 3 points from 3 draws, while Al-Ettifaq has 19 points in 12th place.
The confrontation constitutes the first test for the Al-Batin team under the supervision of the Croatian Zdravko Logarusic, who took over the task to succeed his compatriot Allen Horvat, who was dismissed from his position due to poor results.
On the other hand, Al-Ettifaq hopes to restore the winning streak after two consecutive losses, relying on its positive result against its host in the first round, when it won it 3-0.
Fares Al-Dahna also hopes to continue his superiority over Al-Samawi, after defeating him 4 times, against two victories for the latter, while he attended the draw 4 times during the 11 confrontations they brought together in the Professional League.

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