The Saudi and Indian federations hold a press conference

The Saudi Football Association held, on Wednesday, a press conference on the sidelines of Saudi Arabia’s hosting of the 76th edition of the “Hero Santosh” Cup, which is being played for the first time in its history outside India, in the conference hall at King Fahd International Stadium.
The conference was attended by Dr. Suhail Ajaz Khan, Ambassador of the Republic of India to Saudi Arabia, Kalyan Chobe, President of the Indian Football Association, Dr. Shaji Prabha Karan, Secretary-General of the Indian Federation, in addition to Ibrahim Al-Qabbaa, Assistant Secretary-General of the Saudi Football Association.
The Indian ambassador expressed his happiness with this historic event, extending his thanks to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the exceptional and wonderful hosting of this tournament.
On the other hand, the President of the Indian Federation praised the great role played by the Saudi Federation for the success of this version of the tournament, stressing that this hosting represents the first cooperation between the two federations in light of the memorandum of understanding that was signed last October, amid aspirations to open horizons of cooperation to serve football. foot in both countries.
The Secretary-General of the Indian Football Association thanked the Saudi Federation for the hospitality accorded to the delegations of the participating teams, praising the wonderful organization of the tournament’s activities.
For his part, Al-Qabaa welcomed the guests of Saudi Arabia, wishing them a good stay in their second country, and good luck to the teams participating in the tournament.
The Assistant Secretary-General of the Federation said that Saudi Arabia’s hosting of the Hero Santosh Cup, the oldest Indian tournament, comes within the plans of the Saudi Federation to enhance ways of cooperation with civil federations in various continents, especially in the Asian continent.
Al-Qabbaa expressed his sincere thanks to the Ministry of Sports for the interest and continuous follow-up in order to harness all capabilities for the success of such exceptional sporting events on the Saudi stadiums.
Al-Qabaa stressed that they, as a work team for the championship, work according to the directives of the chairman and members of the board of directors and the secretary-general, in a way that serves the goals of the federation, wishing success to the teams participating in the tournament.

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