The “Media Authority” requires 16 years to play “Blood Ball”

The General Authority for Audiovisual Media in Saudi Arabia has stipulated the age of 16 years and above to play “Blood Ball”, according to what it revealed on its official account, “Twitter”, the social networking site, Thursday.
During this February, the authority was able to classify 9 video games, most notably “Hogwarts Legacy”, which was adopted at 16 years old, followed by “Like Dragon Esion” at 18 years.
The game was officially available, on Tuesday, on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.
Nacon, the publishing company, set a price starting from 85 riyals to 139 riyals to buy the game through Steam, the digital store that specializes in selling electronic games on the PC.
“Bloodball” is a fantasy and strategic American football game in which the player assumes the character of a coach of a team made up of strange creatures, and the player develops plans and tactical instructions to win the match.

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