The Iranian Revolutionary Guard announces the killing of one of its military advisors in Syria

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Iranian Revolutionary Guard announced the death of one of its military advisers in Syria as a result of a raid it said Israel had launched on the Damascus countryside, according to a statement carried by the official Iranian News Agency (IRNA).

The Revolutionary Guards’ public relations statement stated that Milad Haidari, one of the advisors and officers of the Revolutionary Guards, was killed, adding that this happened as a result of “an aggression launched by Israel on the countryside of Damascus.”

The statement added that the Iranian people will be informed later about the funeral and burial ceremonies of the Iranian advisor.

The Revolutionary Guards condemned what it called “the silence and inaction of influential global forums in confronting Israel’s repeated crimes and aggressions and the continuous violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of an independent state that is a member of the United Nations,” and stressed the “undoubted response to this crime,” according to IRNA.

On Friday, the official Syrian News Agency (SANA) said that Israel fired a “barrage of missiles” just after midnight, causing “some material damage,” without mentioning any injuries.

SANA reported that the air strike, the second attack near the capital this week, hit “a location in the Damascus countryside”.

Israel declined CNN’s request for comment on reports of airstrikes near Damascus on Friday.

Earlier, the Israeli army claimed responsibility for attacks it described as targets linked to Iran in Syria.

For its part, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates confirmed, on Friday, that “the repeated Israeli attacks on Syria show close coordination between the occupation entity and terrorist groups, with the aim of prolonging the crisis,” according to the ministry, and what was reported by SANA.

The ministry said on its Twitter account: “(Israel) continues to practice its (criminal) war policies against Syria, as its planes committed a new barbaric aggression in coordination with the flocks of terrorist groups that launched an aggression against the Syrian forces in the Dana area.”

Iranian influence in Syria has grown since the outbreak of the country’s civil war more than a decade ago, with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards building a significant presence as “advisers” to the Syrian government’s armed forces.

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