The Iranian Revolutionary Guard announces the discovery soon of a drone carrier

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The commander of the naval force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Admiral Ali Reza Tangsiri, announced the unveiling soon of a warship carrying drones.

The official Iranian news agency, IRNA, quoted Admiral Tangsiri as saying, Thursday, in a statement to Iranian television, that the Gulf “is related to Iran and the countries located on the southern shores, and traffic is normal in it,” according to his description.

He added, “The waterways entering and exiting are located in Iranian waters, and they pass between the Iranian islands, and the deepest waters are located on the Iranian side, and 85 types of oil tankers and other commercial ships pass through this region every day,” according to what was quoted by “IRNA”.

Referring to the departure of the aircraft carriers from the (Persian Gulf), the commander of the Navy in the Revolutionary Guards said, “Brad Cooper, commander of the US Fifth Fleet, announced that they were aiming to scare us by sending the aircraft carrier and helicopters, and they thought that with the size of the ships entering the region we would feel panic, But he later announced that the Iranian speedboats are mocking us, as one of them comes in front of our aircraft carrier and says, “Change course,” according to “IRNA”.

Admiral Tangsiri added: “The Americans withdrew their aircraft carriers from the region and there are several small frigates without missiles in the Gulf, because they admitted that the strategy of instilling fear of aircraft carriers had failed.”

The commander of the Navy of the Revolutionary Guard announced what he described as “new achievements” of the Revolutionary Guard’s naval force and said: “We have organized 9 operations to join the Revolutionary Guard’s naval forces, and we have added 650 naval vessels of different ranges to the Revolutionary Guard’s naval combat system within 3 years. We had vessels with a speed of 55 knots, but this number reached 75, 90 knots, and it will reach 110 knots.”

He added: “Access to the mentioned speeds is achieved in our ships, i.e. three times the maximum speed of the American ships of 30-35 knots,” he said.

Admiral Tangsiri said, “In the near future, we will add the” Martyr Soleimani 2″ ship under the name “Martyr Hassan Bagheri”, which was designed and produced locally by our youth, to the combat system of the Iranian Navy in the second naval region of the Revolutionary Guards,” according to “IRNA”.

He added, “These ships are hidden from radar and their flexibility is very high, and their missiles are manufactured locally inside the country, and it is the first ship manufactured by Iran, and it is equipped with 12 Nawab defensive missiles, and it can easily go from Chabahar, southeastern Iran, to India and return within range.” My operation is up to 5,000 miles,” he says.

Admiral Tangsiri also confirmed: “We will introduce 90 naval units that launch missiles and missiles into our combat system within days, including the (Martyr Mahdavi) ship, to join the combat system of the Revolutionary Guard Navy.”

And he talked about the advantages of that ship, saying that the “Martyr Mahdavi” ship is equipped with four missiles with a range of 750 and 300 km, and three helicopters can land and take off from its deck, and is able to be present in any area of ​​the seas and oceans as a mobile and flexible naval base.

In response to a question about the tasks of this force in the ocean and distant waters, the commander of the Navy in the Revolutionary Guards said: “We have three ocean-going vessels, one of which is Martyr Rudaki, which is now carrying out a naval mission in the northern Indian Ocean,” according to the Iranian agency.

He added that “a high-speed marine piece is being equipped with a missile with a range of 180 kilometers, which is unprecedented in the world to use such equipment and weapons for a 13-meter long marine piece.” “We have a border of 2,200 kilometers, and certainly one of our strategic tasks is to establish strategic underground cities along these coasts,” he said.

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