The European Union imposes sanctions on individuals and entities linked to the Russian Wagner Group

(CNN) — The European Union imposed, on Saturday, additional restrictive measures against individuals and entities associated with the Wagner Group, in light of the international dimension and the seriousness of its activities and its destabilizing impact on the countries in which it operates, according to a press release issued by the European Union.

The measures affected 11 individuals and 7 entities that have been added to the EU sanctions lists, according to the statement.

The sanctions include “two commanders of the Wagner Group forces who actively participated in the seizure of the town of Solidar in Ukraine in January 2023, the head of the Wagner Group in Mali, where Wagner mercenaries were involved in multiple acts of violence and human rights violations, including extrajudicial killings.”

along with “several prominent members of the group in the Central African Republic … as well as prominent members in operational roles in the group, or directing pro-Wagner propaganda and disinformation campaigns”.

The sanctions also targeted the activities of the Wagner Group in Sudan, which included companies such as Meroe Gold and M-Invest, and the head of the latter company.

These companies, along with Lobaye Invest Sarlu and Diamville in the Central African Republic, are subject to sanctions due to their role in the illicit trade in gold and diamonds forcibly looted from local traders, according to the EU statement.

The Foundation for the Defense of National Values, the public relations arm of the Wagner Group, was listed, as was its president.

All those listed today are subject to an asset freeze and EU citizens and companies are prohibited from making funds available to them. In addition, natural persons are subject to a travel ban that prevents them from entering or transiting through the territory of the European Union.

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