The Cassation supports the imprisonment of Mortada Mansour for a month

On Saturday, the Egyptian Court of Cassation, the “highest judicial body,” sentenced Mortada Mansour, the controversial president of Zamalek Club, to one month in prison, convicting him of insulting and slandering Al-Ahly club president Mahmoud Al-Khatib and insulting his family’s reputation through social media.
Al-Khatib had filed a lawsuit against Mansour, 70, and the Court of First Instance issued a sentence of one year in prison with enforcement, but the Court of Appeal reduced the sentence to one month’s imprisonment with enforcement in August 2022.
The decision of the Court of Cassation, Saturday, upheld the latest ruling.
And local media reported that Mortada Mansour was transferred to prison immediately after the end of the Court of Cassation session, which he attended.
Video footage was also circulated on social media of Murtada Mansour while he was being deported to serve his sentence.
On Saturday, Mansour wrote on his Facebook account: “Finally, the president of Al-Ahly club imprisons the president of Zamalek Club for the first time in the history of sports. The appeal was rejected, but we are awaiting the decision of the Heavenly Judge.
And he continued, “The plan was to overthrow me in the elections by fraud, before that I was removed from the presidency of the club for 4 years, after which the board of directors was dissolved, and the fourth step was my imprisonment. This step was somewhat delayed.”
It is expected that the coming hours will witness the fate of the Zamalek club’s board of directors, after the club’s president was imprisoned.

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