Saudi Idol.. 4 participants enter the survival challenge

The quartet Hams Fikri, Fahd Al-Jumhur, Majed Al-Owaid, and Abdulaziz Maneh singing talents entered an exciting stage of competition for the title of the Saudi Idol program, organized in cooperation between the General Authority for Entertainment and the MBC Group, after reaching the semi-finals and the most difficult confrontation expected next Tuesday.
The public vote plays a role in supporting the competitors and determining the extent of their continuity or not, as Abdullah Al-Amiri and Ziyad Abdel-Qader bid farewell to the program after the seventh show.
In turn, the jury praised the performance of the participants for reaching this stage after being distinguished in their festive presentation, which was organized within the activities of Riyadh Boulevard a few days ago, without the pressure of competition.
And the artist, Asala, a member of the jury, expressed her grief over the departure of Al-Amri and Abdel-Qader through a tweet through her official account on Twitter, the social networking site, in which she said: “Despite the difficulty of leaving the owners who left today from the program, we were upset, like every time a talented person appears from the competition .. but there was Good energy, enlightened laughter, and warm words.”

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