Roshen foreigners.. 7 move the competition internationally

The date will be renewed between 7 foreign players from the Saudi Roshen League during two international matches, expected at the end of this March, within the FIFA days.
The first match will be between Portugal and Luxembourg, scheduled for March 26, in the second round of the Group Ten competitions for the qualifiers for the European Nations Cup “Euro 2024”.
This confrontation brings together Portuguese football legend Cristiano Ronaldo and Luxembourgish Gerson Rodriguez, striker of the Al-Wahdawi team, and it is the second match between them this year after they met on February 9, in the Saudi Roshen League matches, during the confrontation that witnessed the great brilliance of the Portuguese star, who led the Nasrawi team. To a great victory over “Al-Fursan” by a clean four, which carried his signature “Super Hat-Trick”.
As for the second match, it will be attended by four foreign players from the Roshen League in the event that they participated during the test match between the Moroccan and Peruvian teams on the 26th of this month, and they are the Moroccan duo Abdel Razzaq Hamdallah and Mounir Al-Mohammadi, player and goalkeeper of Al-Ittihad and Al-Wehda, and the Peruvian duo Andre Carrillo and Christopher Gonzalez. Crescent players and justice.
Moroccan Hamdallah faced Al-Ittihad striker and Peruvian Carrillo, Al-Hilal wing, once this season, it was on the fifth of last January, in the 12th round of the Roshen League, and the match ended with Al-Azraq winning 1-0, noting that two upcoming matches await them, the first in the semi-finals of the tournament. King’s Cup, and the second in the second round of the league.
As for the other Moroccan, Mounir Al-Mohammadi, he will renew the appointment with Carrillo, after he defended the Al-Wahdawi team’s den against Al-Hilal in the fourth round of the league, which ended with a clean quadruple.
On the other hand, Peruvian Gonzalez played one match against Moroccan Al-Mohammadi, goalkeeper of Al-Wahda, and it ended in a goalless draw in the 11th round of the league.

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