Research programs target Al-Ahsa experts

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Culture announced the “Research Programs for Al-Ahsa Governorate” initiative, which targets the most important local experts to identify cultural potentials that contribute to the development of the governorate by bridging cultural gaps.
A list of research programs has been prepared in several stages, the first of which includes proposing a number of research projects that seek to shed light on a number of cultural possibilities.
The second phase includes three nomination points for a number of research proposals from the first phase, and then a workshop is organized to discuss and prioritize research programs for the governorate, ending with research priorities for the region such as studying regulations and policies that contribute to stimulating cultural investment, preserving and documenting elements of culture for it, and supporting local cultural products. and motivate it.
The third phase is concerned with the Ministry’s work on converting the list of topics selected from the second phase into research programs to benefit from local experts.

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