Per Peacock’s Poker Face, Natasha Lyonne e Rian Johnson sono una coppia ideale.

Natasha Lyonne

In uno spettacolo come “Poker Face”, è altrettanto importante trovare guest star che possano competere con il personaggio principale. Scoprire chi è coinvolto in ogni episodio è una parte importante del divertimento di questo spettacolo, sia che si tratti di una potenziale vittima, di una persona ingiustamente accusata o dell’assassino. Johnson e Lyonne stanno collaborando con numerosi attori famosi, tra cui Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Stephanie Hsu, Clea DuVall, Lil Rel Howery e Ron Perlman. Dei sei che sono stati guardati per la recensione, almeno un episodio ha caratterizzato una performance straordinaria. Ad esempio, nell’episodio intitolato “The Night Shift”, l’attrice Hong Chau fa un’apparizione e impressiona nel suo breve ruolo di camionista che è ritenuto responsabile dell’omicidio di un locale. Judith Light e S. Epatha Merkerson interpretano hippy anziani con ferme convinzioni in un altro episodio, “Time of the Monkey”. È un piacere solo guardare come giocano l’un l’altro e interagiscono con Charlie.

“Poker Face” has a lot of funny moments, which may not come as much of a surprise to viewers who are familiar with Johnson’s “Knives Out” movies. The guest stars are just as prepared as Lyonne, who has a lot of talent as a comedian. A BBQ Pit Master in “The Stall” suddenly decides to go vegan because he kills animals and needs a new job. One of the show’s funniest gags is about what ultimately led to that career change. In contrast to shows like “Columbo,” “Poker Face” has a strong comedy focus that works without feeling forced, and there are numerous other strong moments scattered throughout the series.

Although the mystery-of-the-week format has a few flaws, “Poker Face” is based on a successful formula. Each episode introduces new characters and plots, so some will undoubtedly perform better than others. “Rest in Metal,” one of the weaker episodes, focuses on a failed band’s desperate search for a new hit single. Even though not every crime on the show needs to be well thought out, this one is too easy and doesn’t work. “Poker Face” is almost an anti-binge show in this era of streaming television; It works better as a mystery when watched weekly as opposed to all of the episodes at once. Because of this, it’s possible that going back to Charlie Cale’s adventures won’t be as appealing as other programs.

Johnson and Lyonne have a great deal of enthusiasm for the content of “Poker Face,” which was brought to life by a fondness for a particular kind of crime drama. The format of the show makes references to classics of the genre, including the title treatment. Additionally, Natasha Lyonne is the ideal character actor to follow as Charlie, who is involved in a slew of homicides. I can’t wait to see what kind of problems she faces next.

Six episodes were watched and evaluated.