One apologizes to victory for the Abu Glass incident

Uhud Club apologized to Al-Nasr Club, due to the tweet published by Al-Madani Club after the Al-Asimi Club contracted with Nasser Abu Glass, the Saudi international basketball player.
Uhud said, through his official account on Twitter, on Monday: “Based on the decision issued by the Primary Committee to consider violations of the provisions of the Press and Publication Law, Uhud Club apologizes to the Saudi Al-Nasr Club for the tweet published on 4/6/1444 AH corresponding to 10/31.” -2022».
And the management of Uhud Club indicated in its statement, which it apologized for, that Abu Glass, when he was playing for the team, deliberately not to participate in front of Al-Nasr in an official participation, and at that time called on the Basketball Federation to open an investigation into the matter.
Al-Nasr had contracted with Abu Glass, in a 3-year free transfer deal, at the end of last October.

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