Olympic green tied with Thailand

A positive 2-2 draw overshadowed the first matches of the Saudi Olympic team against its Thai counterpart on Wednesday, in the international friendly tournament in Qatar, which comes within the framework of the program to prepare for the qualifiers for the 2024 AFC U-23 Cup.
The Thailand national team scored first in the 11th minute, while the player Mohamed Maran scored the adjustment goal for the Olympic Green in the 23rd minute, and the Saudi team advanced with the goal of Ryan Hamed in the 47th minute, so that the Thailand national team scored the adjustment goal in the 90 + 4 minute.
Saad Al-Shehri, the Olympic coach of Al-Akhdar, entered the meeting with a list consisting of: “Abdul-Rahman Al-Sanabi in goalkeeper, Muhammad Abu Al-Shamat, Saad Al-Mousa, Rayan Hamed, Moaz Fakihi, Awad Al-Nashiri, Suhaib Al-Zaid, Ziyad Al-Juhani, Muhammad Al-Qahtani, Hassan Al-Ali, Muhammad Maran.”
The Olympic Green will return to training on Thursday, to meet the Kuwaiti national team, next Saturday, in the international friendly tournament competitions in Qatar.

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