Mesli Al Muammar: The Football Association refused to register Betty’s replacement

Musli Al Muammar, President of Al-Nasr Club, revealed that the Saudi Football Association rejected their request to register a replacement player for Argentine Betty Gonzalez, the first-team football player, after suffering an injury that ended his season with the team.
This came during his statements to the media after his first football team defeated Al-Batin 3-1, on Friday, in the 19th round of the Saudi Roshen League.
The president of Al-Nasr Club confirmed that they are in the process of requesting foreign referees for the remaining matches of the team in the Saudi Roshan League, stressing that this step came because the local government was affected by media and public pressures.
Musli Al Muammar said: “Saudi governance is good, but it is affected by pressures, and unfortunately the Referees Committee does not protect the rulers from these pressures, and we almost paid the price in front of the subcontractors.”
Musli Al Muammar stressed the need to seek the help of distinguished foreign referees, and added: “I hope that the Referees Committee will bring distinguished foreign referees, and as long as we pay large sums, we want a foreign referee at the level.”
Regarding the statements of Nasser Al-Huwaidi, President of Al-Batin Club, and his description of the match as an arbitration farce, the President of Al-Nasr Club replied, saying: “Shout and fall in front of Al-Nasr. He is trending now in front of Al-Nasr, and he spoke if you lost from Al-Nasr in order to find support from others, and we saw that with Dr. Saud Al-Rashudi, President of Al-Taawon Club. And he spoke for the first time about arbitration, and it was after the Al-Nasr match, and after that all the arbitrators and the referees’ committee proved that all opinions were incorrect, and we did not see him retract his opinion, and I do not know what the president of Al-Batin Club said, but what I saw of the referee’s performance in our match against Al-Batin I will demand Foreign referees for all upcoming confrontations.
Musli Al Muammar added: “Whoever complains about local governance must demand foreign rulers, and whoever wants to help us help and help,” rejecting at the same time what is being said that Al-Nasr is the most beneficiary of local government, stressing that the reports of the Nasrawi team are the most affected by the rulers, whether local Or the foreigner according to the reports of the Referees Committee.
The head of Al-Nasr defended the French coach, Rudi Garcia, describing him as a global and capable coach, and said: “We could have decided the Al-Batin match early, but we made it difficult by wasting some opportunities.
Musli Al Muammar mocked what was being said about the referees’ compliment to Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese football legend and captain of the Nasrawi team, and he replied, “They compliment Ronaldo and do not count penalties for him. He is beaten on the face and they do not count a penalty kick for him.”
On the latest developments regarding Brazilian Anderson Talsica’s injury and his return to the team, the head of Al-Nasr replied: “He will be in Riyadh this week, and he will perform concerts in the stadium.”

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