June 9 .. The launch of the “Greyhill” game

The game “Greyhill Incident” will be launched on the ninth of next June, across the platforms, Xbox, PC, and PlayStation, according to what the company, “Perp Games”, announced, on Saturday.
In a video clip it posted on its official YouTube channel, the company reviewed the gameplay and atmosphere within the game.
And it was also revealed in the published clip that the game will support the first-person perspective feature, when it is released on the specified date, and the company has not yet revealed its price, as it indicated that it requires a storage space of 15 GB.
And the events of “Greyhill Incident” begin in the early nineties, after the media reported the appearance of strange balloons in the sky of the United States of America. The hero of the story later discovers secrets about these balloons and that the reason behind this is aliens preparing to invade the planet Earth, and the hero must prevent them with a gun. Inside it are a few bullets.

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