Is Mortada Mansour entitled to return to the presidency of Zamalek after the expiration of his prison sentence? The Ministry of Youth and Sports responds

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – A spokesman for the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports, Mohamed El-Shazly, stated that Mortada Mansour’s return to the presidency of the Zamalek club after his immediate release from prison is not possible, indicating that he must run for the General Assembly elections in the absence of a ruling from The court is “disgraceful”.

A spokesman for youth and sports said on the “Al-Hekaya” program with the Egyptian media, Amr Adeeb: “There is a ruling by the Court of Cassation to reject the appeal submitted by the president of the Zamalek club, which resulted in the issuance of a ruling against the president of the Zamalek club that restricts freedoms.”

Al-Shazly continued, saying: “This matter is also stipulated in the guiding regulations in force in the Zamalek club and in many Egyptian clubs, and this speech is mentioned in Article 41: Membership is revoked from members of the board of directors in certain cases, and the second paragraph of the article stipulates that one of these cases It is the issuance of a final judgment against him with a penalty restricting freedoms.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Youth and Sports answered a question about whether this interpretation means that Mansour will not return to the presidency of the club, saying: “This is not an explanation because there is no jurisprudence with the text. This is an explicit text about the demise of membership.”

Al-Shazly continued, saying: “The demise of membership is not associated with the Board of Directors taking a decision to lapse a person’s membership. The demise of membership is based primarily on the judicial ruling issued,” he said.

The ministry spokesman indicated that the ruling did not restrict Mortada Mansour’s freedom, but the one who restricted it was the implementation of the ruling, and because of that, membership was removed.

When asked about the intention of some officials in the Zamalek club to maintain the president’s chair until Mansour returns, and about the position of the Ministry of Youth and Sports on that, El-Shazly said: “The authority concerned with implementing the text (mentioned previously) is the board of directors of the Zamalek club … but who will carry out the work of chairing the council The administration will not assume the presidency of the administration, but will assume these tasks until the nearest general assembly convenes in which there will be an electoral clause in the electoral period between July and October after the end of the fiscal year in which elections are held and a president is elected.

And the ministry spokesman continued by saying: “(Mortada Mansour) cannot be returned to the presidency of Zamalek after a month, because in the event of the demise of the membership of the board of directors, which one acquires through elections, and thus in the event that the membership is lost, it must be restored in the same way, and the elections will be held in accordance with Sports Law 71 of 2017 The organizer of sports life and the sports system in Egypt, during the electoral period that begins after the fiscal year,” he said.

When asked whether Mortada Mansour had the right to run for elections in July, El-Shazly said: “There are conditions for running for membership of the Board of Directors, just as there are conditions for the General Assembly. Among these conditions are good conduct and behaviour. If Chancellor Murtada runs for elections, there will be a committee. It is concerned with deciding all matters related to applying for candidacy, and in the event that there is a judicial ruling that is dishonorable or not dishonorable, then this is a matter for the court and does not concern the Ministry of Youth and Sports or the Zamalek Club, and therefore if the ruling issued is not dishonorable, it is the right of Counselor Mortada to run. , according to him.

The Court of Cassation had rejected Mortada Mansour’s appeal, and upheld his one-month imprisonment sentence with labor and enforcement, on charges of insulting and slandering the president of Al-Ahly Club, Mahmoud Al-Khatib.

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