Iran is investigating a video showing a man assaulting a woman..and activists: a security man

(CNN) — Iranian authorities have opened an investigation into a widely circulated video clip that shows a man in civilian clothes, whom activists suspect is a member of the security forces, violently pulling a woman by the hair in front of a school in Tehran that witnessed cases of poisoning of female students.

And the video, which was published by activists on social media, showed a man in a gray suit violently pulling the woman by her hair, which Iranian media suggested was the mother of a student, like other men, including a man in security uniform, and they were quarreling with women in a crowd of people.

According to the video, the man pushed the woman while pulling her hair near an open car door, and later the same man stands with a group of men outside a school in Tehran.

Iranian human rights activist Masih Alinejad and the advocacy group Iran Human Rights Monitor, separately posting the video on Twitter, claim the man pulling the woman’s hair is from the security forces but wears civilian clothes.

CNN was unable to verify that the man was a member of the security apparatus.

The police denied involvement in “violence against a woman in front of the school,” and said that “the investigation of these officers showed that they did not play a direct or indirect role in the incident,” according to the state-run Tasnim news agency.

The agency said Interior Minister Ahmed Vahidi described the incident as “inappropriate treatment of a woman” and called on the police to “find the person involved”.

“Several people have been identified and arrested,” the state-affiliated ISNA news agency reported, citing sources.

Tasnim said that the parents were protesting outside the school after news of the poisoning of female students.

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