HBO Max Schedule February 27-March 5: New TV & Movies

The Expendables movies are part of the HBO Max schedule for February 27-March 5.

On Wednesday, March 1, the streaming service will add all three The Expendables movies to its available content. The film series features an all-star cast of popular action-movie actors, such as Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Bruce Willis, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, among others. The plot follows a team of elite mercenaries who are hired to carry out dangerous missions. The Expendables franchise has been a commercial success and has become a cult favorite among action movie fans, despite mixed critical reviews. A new sequel titled The Expendables 4 is expected to debut later this year.

HBO Max Schedule February 27-March 5 | New TV & Movie Additions

Wednesday, March 1

A Dangerous Method, 2011

Basic, 2003 (HBO)

Beatriz at Dinner, 2017 (HBO)

Best of Enemies, 2015 (HBO)

Bloodsport, 1988 (HBO)

Breathe, 2017 (HBO)

Cobra, 1986 (HBO)

Creed, 2015

Creed II, 2018

Finding Forrester, 2000 (HBO)

Ghost Ship, 2002 (HBO)

House at the End of the Street, 2012 (HBO)

I Am Love, 2009 (HBO)

I Love You, Man, 2009 (HBO)

Iris, 2014 (HBO)

Lemon, 2017 (HBO)

Long Shot, 2019 (HBO)

Lucy, 2014 (HBO)

Make Your Move, 2013 (HBO)

Milk, 2008 (HBO)

My Bloody Valentine, 1981 (HBO)

Next Day Air, 2009 (HBO)

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, 2014 (HBO)

Outrage, 2009 (HBO)

Results, 2015 (HBO)

RocknRolla, 2008 (HBO)

Selena, 1997

School Life, 2016 (HBO)

Sinister, 2012

Spawn 1997

Speed Racer, 2008 (HBO)

Tangerine, 2015 (HBO)

The Accused, 1988 (HBO)

The Big Hit, 1998 (HBO)

The Blue Lagoon, 1980

The Brothers Bloom, 2008 (HBO)

The Circle, 2017 (HBO)

The Expendables, 2010

The Expendables 2, 2012

The Expendables 3, 2014

The Jacket, 2005 (HBO)

The Kid, 2019 (HBO)

The Wife, 2018

Trespass Against Us, 2016 (HBO)

This is the End, 2013

Un Gallo Con Muchos Huevos (“A Brave Little Rooster“), 2015 (HBO)

Vampire in Brooklyn, 1995 (HBO)

White God, 2014 (HBO)

Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger, 2014 (HBO)

You Got Served, 2004

Tuesday, March 2

Marlon Wayans: God Loves Me, Max Original premiere

Mariachis, Max Original season 1 premiere

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