Green hand for juniors inaugurates the second phase

The Saudi national handball team for the junior level “born in 2006” will launch, on Saturday, the second phase of its preparatory program to participate in the Asian Championship for junior teams, scheduled to be organized next year 2024, by participating in the three-way friendly tournament that will take place in the Republic of Egypt, and will continue until March 31, with the participation of the national teams. Egypt and Algeria.
Al-Akhdar continues his training in the first phase of the preparations that he launched on the third of March, by conducting an open indoor camp that has witnessed 17 training sessions so far, and it was hosted by the Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Sports City Hall in Qatif, in addition to the two halls of Al-Noor Club in Sanabis and Al-Khuwaylidiyah Club in Khuwaylidiyah.
It is scheduled to conclude the first stage, on Friday, and leave on Saturday to participate in the friendly tournament, during which it will play four experimental matches, with two matches against the Egyptian national team and the same with the Algerian national team.
The Slovenian Tomaz Okvirk assumes the task of technical supervision of Al-Akhdar, assisted by Muhammad Al-Qattan, the Saudi coach, and trains the Tunisian guards Ayman bin Yahya and Hussein Al-Khweldi as administrators for the national team, while the selected list for the tournament included 17 players, and they are: Salman Al-Muaini, Abdullah Al-Marhoon, Muhammad Al-Qayed, Ahmed Al-Obeidi, Muhammad Al-Dhaim, Muhannad Al-Muslim, Ali Al-Sunni, Amjad Beydi, Basil Al-Abdul-Mohsen, Muad Beydi, Abdullah Al-Hashem, Fadel Al-Ramadan, Nazir Al-Zanadi, Sajjad Al-Aradi, Osama Al-Rabee, Muhammad Al-Sihati, Ahmed Al Darwish.

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