For only $10, a Saudi documented his living experience in the “Youth Hostel”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The hotel is no longer the best choice for most young tourists, especially those who are obsessed with traveling a lot. Also about their country, language, and customs.

The Saudi traveler, Rakan Al-Moqbel, is among the people who encourage others to stay in the “hostel”, that is, the “youth hostel”.

The Saudi traveler takes us on a tour of the youth hostel, specifically in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Watch the video clip above).

And the most expensive house in which tourists stay can reach only $ 10 per day.

Al-Moqbel said, during his interview with CNN in Arabic, that it is “the perfect choice for travelers.. You will meet friends from around the world and learn from them.. It is also considered a very economical means of housing.”

The Saudi traveler witnessed many different cultures during his stay in the hostel, most notably the customs of the dead in Indonesia.

Al-Moqbel explained that some tribes live with their dead ancestors, mummify them, and put them on shelves outside the house. And one day in the year, they take out all the dead bodies, put clothes on them, and sit with them.

Before booking your stay in the “hostel”, it is important to consider the place’s assessments, the experiences of travelers, and the level of safety in it.

And in the hostel, where the next stayed, there were lockers with special locks, where you could put all your important belongings, such as your passport.

The Saudi traveler noted the humility of people regardless of their religions and races, saying: “Everyone I met with a smile used to return it to me in a more beautiful way.”

The video clip won the admiration of many of Al-Moqbel’s followers on YouTube.

The Saudi traveler hopes to repeat the experience again because of his passion for meeting travelers from all over the world.

Al-Moqbel is currently planning to visit Latin America soon.

It is reported that he previously traveled to Africa and East Asia, and also discovered the Amazon tribes, and tried riding classic cars in Cuba.

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