Egypt .. Naguib Sawiris raises controversy after commenting on the issue of changing the religion of “the child Shenouda”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Egyptian businessman Naguib Sawiris sparked controversy among a number of his followers after commenting on a case filed by a Christian family calling for stopping the decision to change the religion of a child they adopted as an infant in a case known as “Child Shenouda”.

The matter began with a comment by Sawiris on a tweet published by Masrawy newspaper, in which she said: “Urgent…the administrative judiciary rejects the claim of the return of the child Shenouda to his adoptive family,” to comment Sarwers with 3 “broken hearts.”

The owner of the King account commented, saying: “It is strange, Bashmohandes, that there are people who do not understand their attachment to the hearts..what do you say to them?”, to which Sawiris replied, saying: “My heart is broken for the family of the child who raised him and lost him in an instant as a result of an evil slander..”

The owner of the Legal advisor account (Hassan) commented, saying: “The ruling is correct according to the provisions of the constitution, which determined that Egypt is an Islamic country, and the Sharia decided that whoever is born in the lands of Islam is a Muslim, and this is what prevents a non-Muslim from adopting a Muslim or converting him to Islam. As for what I called (slander), it is (Communication) The law has established its legitimacy as long as it is based on a valid reason…” To which Sawiris responded, saying: “Your words are illogical because I was born in an Islamic country according to your words, and I am not a Muslim, but a Christian who believes and is proud of his religion, and countries have no religion, their citizens are the ones who have a religion No, according to his birth, family, and beliefs, and the message behind it remains a personal interest and a definite slander, and God knows best.

For his part, the owner of the ye7!a account said, commenting: “A question, O. A. Najib, is your honor convinced that we, as Muslims, will fear Hell?” The Egyptian businessman responded by saying: “No, of course.. The Muslim or Christian or of any religion who kills, steals, deceives, or commits a sin is the one who will fear the fire..”

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