De Bruyne denies the existence of problems within his team

Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City’s first football player, played down the importance of rumors about the existence of problems in the team and the decline in the level of Erling Haaland, the Norwegian attacking star.
Halland presented amazing levels in his first season with Manchester City, scoring 34 goals in all competitions.
But the Norwegian international star scored only three goals for the team during the last nine matches, prompting rumors that his level had declined.
But De Bruyne confirmed that he does not see things in this way, explaining that the teams have become more ready to face Haaland compared to what they were at the beginning of the season.
De Bruyne said in the press conference, on Monday, to talk about the upcoming match against Leipzig, Germany, on Tuesday, in the second leg of the sixteenth round of the European Champions League: “I think that this situation results from several things, but I do not feel that it has changed compared to what it was in the beginning.” People may expect more from his launches, but there is always the first part of the season and then the second part. In the second part, I feel that the teams are much more organized, and play with more motivation, whether in the front or the last positions, so the teams are more prepared.
“Maybe he’s been more productive when he gets chances, but I don’t think we need to complain about Erling’s production. I think he is fine.
Referring to the match that ended with a 1-0 victory over Crystal Palace, Saturday, and Haaland scored its only goal from a penalty kick, De Bruyne said: “If we watch the Crystal Palace match, we will see that he could have scored two goals. I do not think there is any problem, but people expect He always scores two or three goals, but his average is one goal per match. This looks good to me.”

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