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Top 5: 30 Earthquakes around the world.. and Israel welcomes the opening of Omani airspace

From the monitoring of 30 earthquakes around the world on Thursday, including a 6.8-magnitude earthquake in Tajikistan and an aftershock of 4.9 on the Turkish-Syrian border, to the announcement by the Sultanate of Oman to allow all air carriers that meet the conditions to cross its airspace, and Israel welcoming this decision, which it described as “historic”… Here is a daily summary from CNN Arabic with the headlines of some of the most prominent stories from the region and…

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The Pentagon publishes a “selfie” of an American pilot flying over the Chinese airship before it was shot down

Washington, USA (CNN) – The Pentagon released a “selfie” photo taken by an American pilot from the cockpit of a U-2 surveillance plane, while he was flying over the Chinese airship, which US officials said was a spy balloon and was shot down by the military. USA earlier this February. The selfie, taken by the U-2 pilot, shows the aircraft’s shadow on the balloon and a clear view of the balloon’s payload as it passed over the United States….

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Un viaggio sull’acqua, Little Angel Theater

Il Little Angel Theatre è uno dei soli cinque teatri di marionette britannici che offre marionette a filo lungo al London International Mime Festival. È qualcosa di unico e irripetibile. La sede ospita A Water Journey di The String Theatre nell’ambito del London Mime Festival. Questa favola visivamente sbalorditiva è magica per i bambini, ma ha chiaramente un messaggio anche per gli adulti su come dovremmo trattarci l’un l’altro di fronte al cambiamento climatico, alla difficile situazione dei rifugiati…

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Review: The Cher Show, New Wimbledon Theater

Having a Cher is insufficient when dedicating a musical to her. Therefore, we have three. Millie O’Connell’s Babe portrays the youthful and jovial Cher; Lady, played by Danielle Steers, is an independent and more self-assured Cher; and Star, played by Debbie Kurup, is the wiser, older cher. In contrast to other biographical and Jukebox musicals, The Cher Show features three different portrayals of the same character on stage at the same time. Cher’s accent and distinctive mannerisms are perfectly…

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