Cadiz calls for the suspension of the Spanish League

The Cadiz club called for the temporary suspension of the Spanish Football League competitions until an answer is obtained regarding its appeal against an arbitration error committed against it by the video assistant referee (VAR), according to what was reported on Wednesday.
Cadiz complained of an injustice committed against him on January 16, when he was ahead of Elche, bottom of the league standings, with a goal, before the latter equalized through Argentine Esequiel Ponce at the 81st minute.
Bonsey was returning from an offside position during the attack from which the goal came, but neither the main referee and his assistant nor the assistant video referee intervened, so the goal that deprived Cadiz of two points was counted.
Cadiz asked the Spanish Federation for the game to cancel the result and return the last nine minutes of the match, but the latter did not respond to his request.
Kadesh said in a statement on Wednesday that he had submitted the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and demanded the temporary suspension of the Spanish League “to prevent harm and harm to Kadesh,” repeating his previous request to repeat the last nine minutes while maintaining his 1-0 lead.
And he stated in the statement that he was “significantly affected” by “an unfortunate act and negligence by the arbitration team, specifically the referees in the video assistant referee room.”
The Andalusian club currently ranks sixteenth, two points above the relegation zone.

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