BIDEN’S DOCTOR: The president had surgery to remove a “small” precancerous skin tumor in February

(CNN) — US President Joe Biden’s doctor, Kevin O’Conner, announced Friday that a “small” cancerous skin tumor had been removed from Biden’s chest during surgery in February.

O’Connor said, in a letter to White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre, that the tumor is a common type of skin cancer, and added: “All cancerous tissue was removed successfully, and the area from which the tumor was removed recovered well, and the 80-year-old president does not need for further treatment.”

Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the United States, and treatment can be very effective when the cancer is caught early.

It is noteworthy that the wife of the US President, First Lady Jill Biden, recently had surgery to remove a “dimple” that was found during a routine examination for skin cancer.

O’Connor said at the time, in a note: “During a routine examination for skin cancer, a small boil was found above the first lady’s right eye, and with much caution, doctors recommended its removal.”

And the White House stated in a medical report issued last month, and CNN obtained a copy of it, that the US president “is in good health and is fit to successfully perform the duties of the presidency.”

Kevin O’Connor stated, in the report, that Biden “enjoys activity and good health that enables him to perform presidential duties,” according to the results of the medical examinations conducted by the US President at Walter Reed Military Medical Center.

The report said Biden still suffers from a “stiff gait” and has been prescribed devices to help raise his feet, as well as an upgrade to his contact lenses.

Regarding the period of Biden’s infection with the new Corona virus, O’Connor said that this was “the most prominent health event” for Biden during the past year, and added that the oxygen levels in the blood of the US president did not fall below 97%, and confirmed that his vital signs remained normal throughout that period, and later did not Has any long-term symptoms related to COVID-19.

This report is likely to be Biden’s last medical examination before announcing his decision to run again for the presidency in the coming months.

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