Biden on the Chinese “peace plan” in Ukraine: Putin applauds it, so how is it good?

(CNN) — US President Joe Biden rejected, on Friday, the “peace plan” announced by China, earlier on Friday, to end the war in Ukraine, and said that “its implementation will only benefit Russia.”

Biden added, in an interview with the ABC network: “If (Russian President Vladimir) Putin is applauding her, how can she be good? I do not want to be funny, I am very serious.”

He continued, “I saw nothing in the plan that indicated it would be beneficial to anyone other than Russia.” He categorically rejected the idea of ​​China negotiating “peace” in the war, calling it “irrational.” A completely unfair war for Ukraine is not rational.”

And on the possibility of China supplying weapons to Russia, which US officials have warned about in recent days, Joe Biden stressed that China will face the same “severe penalties” as any other country or entity that supplies Russia with weapons.

The US president said there was no evidence “so far” that China would support Russia militarily in Ukraine.

And Biden answered, to a question in the White House, whether he was worried that China would fight with Russia against Ukraine? He had spoken to his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping about this issue and the economic consequences, and the US president added: “I told him that this is not a threat.” .

Three sources familiar with the intelligence told CNN that the United States has intelligence that the Chinese government is considering providing Russia with drones and ammunition for use in the war in Ukraine.

The sources added that it does not seem that Beijing has made a final decision yet, but negotiations between Russia and China are continuing.

Officials said US Secretary of State Antony Blinken raised the issue when he met his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi on Saturday on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference.

“The secretary was very candid in warning about the ramifications and consequences of China providing material support to Russia or helping it evade sanctions,” a senior US State Department official told reporters.

In another matter, the US president said that Ukraine “does not need the F-16s now,” despite reports that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and other Ukrainian officials have in recent days stepped up pressure to obtain the fighter jets, arguing that they Urgently needed to defend against Russian missile and drone attacks.

Biden stated: “We are sending him what our military thinks it needs now, it needs tanks, it needs artillery, it needs air defense systems, there are things that it needs now, we are sending it to put them in a position where they can make gains this spring and this summer Going into the fall “.

“There is no rationale, according to our military now, for providing those aircraft,” Joe Biden asserted, adding, “I’m ruling it out, at this time.”

Earlier on Friday, when asked by CNN’s Jeremy Diamond what Zelensky told him during his visit to Kiev about the possibility of acquiring the fighters, Biden dismissed: “This is a private discussion.”

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