Ancelotti before facing Liverpool: We don’t think about defense

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti stressed that his team does not need to make calculations before facing Liverpool, England, on Wednesday, but rather must play hard in order to win.
Real Madrid will host Liverpool, Wednesday, in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16, noting that the first-leg match ended with Real Madrid’s victory over Liverpool at home, 5-2.
Ancelotti said in the press conference held on Tuesday, to talk about the Liverpool match: “We do not think about defense, but about attack, and I think it will be an open match because Liverpool arrives determined to settle things in their favour.”
He added, in the statements that Real Madrid published on its website: “The message is clear. We don’t have to do calculations but play as best we can. We have to consider the match as a first leg. Our idea is not to make calculations, but to play as hard as possible and win.”
He continued, “We focused on the good and bad things that we did back. We did a lot of things well offensively. We will not plan the match, taking into account that we have an advantage, but rather we will plan an open and offensive match.”
The Italian coach added, “For the match, experience and energy are very important. It is a more complicated match for us than the Liverpool match “at Liverpool Stadium” on the mental level. They have to do their best from the first minute no matter what. The result of the first leg puts us at stake, but we will do everything in our power to provide the best from the first minute, but we have more doubts than the opponent in this regard.

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