An analyst tells CNN what Saudi Arabia is seeking: a new geopolitical reality in the Middle East

(CNN) – The Middle East analyst at Johns Hopkins University, Vali Nasr, said that Saudi Arabia found a way through China after the agreement it reached with Iran in Beijing, pointing to a “new geopolitical reality” in the Middle East.

“The immediate repercussions (of the agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran) are clearly positive,” Nasr explained in an interview with colleague Becky Anderson on CNN. “In other words, if Iran and Saudi Arabia find a way through China to bury the hatchet and reduce tensions between them, this could potentially end the war in Yemen.” And that’s generally good for the region and good for the Gulf region, which is also very nervous about a military conflict that could damage its economy and put it at risk.”

He continued, “On a larger scale, the most interesting part of this is not Iran. It is China and Saudi Arabia.. We see China has gone beyond its usual path and is entering into security matters, building a relationship of trust with Saudi Arabia, and I think it is important that they trust Saudi Arabia and China to guarantee Iran and monitor the agreement.

He added, “But the most interesting thing is how Saudi Arabia is strategically shifting, how we see the kingdom’s foreign policy deliberately working to distance the kingdom from the United States and place it among the great powers and that the kingdom no longer wants to be subordinate to America, but rather wants equal relations with China, Russia and the United States.” United”.

And he went on to say that Saudi Arabia “wants to build bridges with everyone and talk to everyone and repaired relations with Turkey after several years, repairing differences with Iran and opening relations with Syria, so we see a completely different kingdom that really wants to be treated as a superpower in its rights.”

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