An American tourist who entered a famous historic square in Florence with a Ferrari was fined

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Being behind the wheel of a red Ferrari sports car does not give you the freedom to drive anywhere, even in Italy.

This was discovered by an American tourist who drove a Ferrari Spider car to the famous pedestrian Piazza della Signoria in the historic center of Florence.

The tourist was arrested on Monday after he parked his car after seeing the car driving along the nearby Via dei Gondi in an “illogical” way, officials described it.

The square that the American drove through is usually crowded with tourists, many of whom are on their way to visit the nearby Uffizi Gallery, which houses some of the most famous works of art in Italy.

A fine of 470 euros ($506) was issued against the tourist immediately, after the special inspections revealed that he did not have the appropriate papers to drive on the roads in Italy, so how about going by car to the square.

A statement issued by the municipality of Florence reads as follows: “Inspections revealed that the 43-year-old driver had an American driver’s license that did not comply with international agreements, and he did not have an international driver’s license or an official translation.”

The statement added: “A report was submitted for parking in the pedestrian zone, driving in the opposite direction of traffic, and possession of a non-conforming foreign license. The total fine, which the (tourist) paid directly to the agents, amounted to 470 euros.”

This is not the first time that tourists have attacked Italy’s famous historical landmarks in recent months.

A California tourist was fined €500 (about $540) in January when he drove a rented Fiat Panda on Florence’s famous old Ponte Vecchio pedestrian bridge.

And in May last year, a Saudi man who tried to leave Italy was arrested after driving a rented Maserati sports car down the Spanish Steps in Rome.

The man tried to flee the scene after the car got stuck in the middle of the road, and he was charged with causing serious damage to the country’s cultural heritage and antiquities.

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