Among them are lions and tigers.. Animals enter an American studio to take a selfie

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — About 15 years ago, American photographer Randall Ford was hired by a design firm to create a series of images of dairy cows against colorful backgrounds.

After it was widely circulated, he decided to create more pictures of animals in his photography studio.

Credit: Randal Ford

Ford did not only take pictures of small and domestic animals, but over the course of 7 years, he decided to take pictures of lions, tigers, wolves, horses, and others.

The American photographer had enough pictures that he collected them in one book, known as “The Animal Kingdom”.

Credit: Randal Ford

First, Ford conducts special research on the animal he will visit in his studio, thinking in advance about how his photos will be taken, in terms of lighting, and more.

He is keen to always talk to the owner or trainer of the animal to avoid as many surprises as possible.

This is where Ford’s real job begins, taking pictures of the animals, whether in a traditional studio or a private one built on set. It totally depends on the animal, its temperament, and its personality.

Credit: Randal Ford

Filming Chika was among the most amazing experiences in the life of the American photographer, one that he will never forget.

And “Shika”, a female Bengal tiger owned by Ford’s animal trainers, in Los Angeles, USA. She was the first big cat to be photographed in the studio.

Shika has always been surrounded by people, which made her a habit of taking pictures.

“Everything I do with animals is always as safe as possible, and of course, keeping the animal’s welfare and stress as low as possible,” the American photographer said, in an interview with CNN in Arabic.

Credit: Randal Ford

And there are a lot of challenges that Ford faces during the shoot. For example, some animals can move very quickly and can sometimes be dangerous or intimidating in a studio environment.

However, the American photographer and his team succeeded in overcoming these challenges due to their extensive experience.

Credit: Randal Ford

Ford, who has been practicing photography for 20 years, has won the admiration of many people.

It was an opportunity to see animals in a new light.

“We have a lot in common with animals, including the land and its resources, and I think it’s important that we never forget that,” said the American photographer.

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