Al Sadd and Qatar participate in the “King Salman Cup”

The Qatar Football Association announced that it had sent a letter to the Arab Football Association, confirming the participation of Al Sadd and Qatar clubs in the “King Salman Club Cup” tournament, after the two clubs influenced their participation in it according to the terms of the tournament.
The name of the tournament was changed to the King Salman Cup for Clubs, starting from the current year 2023 edition, as the tournament aims to develop and develop football in the Arab world, and to enrich the competition between Arab clubs.
The tournament draw ceremony will be held on Monday, corresponding to the 6th of March, in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, at exactly eight o’clock in the evening, which will be attended by Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamad Al Thani, member of the Executive Office of the Qatar Football Association, and Mansour Al Ansari, Secretary-General of the Qatar Football Association, representatives of the Federation, and representatives of the two clubs. Al-Sadd and Qatar, Sheikh Suhaim bin Abdulaziz Al-Thani, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Qatar Sports Club, Abdullah Al-Kuwari, Director of the Club, Sheikh Khalifa bin Khalid bin Ahmed bin Abdullah Al-Thani, Member of the Executive Board of Al-Sadd Sports Club, Turki Nasser Al-Ali, CEO, and Abdullah Al-Buraik, General Manager .

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