Al Fateel: I carried out Garcia’s instructions…and scored a goal

Mohamed Al Fateel, defender of the Al-Nasr first football team, attributed the delay of his team’s victory over Al-Batin 3-1, on Friday, to what he described as Al-Batin’s conservative playing method and its reliance on counter-attacks.
The Nasraoui team waited until the extra minutes to be able to score three goals, turning its delay against Al-Batin into a valuable victory “3-1”, raising its score to 46 points at the top of the Saudi Roshen League after the end of round 19.
Al-Fateel, during his statements to the official broadcaster after the end of the match, seemed happy with the second goal he scored and paved the way for adding a third goal that gave his team three precious points, and said: “I am very happy with the victory, and the victory fans deserve to be happy.”
Al Fateel revealed that his goal came after carrying out the instructions of French coach Rudi Garcia, and explained: “The coach asked me to advance and support the attack to take advantage of crosses, whether when executing corner kicks or mistakes.”
Regarding his team’s performance during the match, the Nasraoui defender replied, “In such matches, points are more important than level.”

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