Al Arabiya celebrates its 20th year in Riyadh

Al-Arabiya celebrated in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, the twenty-year anniversary of its launch, in the presence of a number of Their Excellencies and Excellencies, in a ceremony during which the launch of the broadcast of “Al-Arabiya FM” radio was announced to be a synonym for its screens, in continuation of the expansion of the news group, and the reach of its various media services to various Slides and sectors.
The ceremony began with an introductory speech by Waleed Al Ibrahim, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “MBC Group”, in which he referred to the birth of “Al-Arabiya” twenty years ago from the “MBC” news center, during a period in which maps changed and centers of influence changed, and the media became one of the most important weapons in the field. He explained, “Al-Arabiya was from the beginning a Saudi project and a national decision before it was just a media project. The goal was and still is to convey the voice of moderation in the face of media bidding and false slogans.”
Al-Ibrahim concluded: “Today, while our country is experiencing this great transformation under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and His Highness the Crown Prince and Prime Minister Prince Muhammad bin Salman, Al-Arabiya is redoubling its efforts to convey the image of the reality that the Kingdom is experiencing in all its dimensions, and the pivotal role that the Kingdom plays in all its dimensions. play in the region and the world.
For his part, Mamdouh Al-Muhaini, Director General of “Al-Arabiya”, announced the launch of “Al-Arabiya FM” radio broadcast from Riyadh, to be a synonym for Al-Arabiya screens that broadcast its bulletins from the heart of its studios in the Saudi capital, in continuation of the expansion of the news group, and he explained: “Within twenty years, Al-Arabiya established the concept of real journalism in its objective way, which does not confuse opinion with news, and without exploiting people’s emotions to gain the masses.” Al-Muhaini concluded by stressing Al-Arabiya’s leadership in the digital stage, and its harnessing of artificial intelligence, in addition to keeping pace with the latest global technologies, so that today it has become the most important news network In the area with multi-media platforms.
Finally, Sam Barnett, CEO of “MBC Group”, appreciated the efforts of the first founding team, employees and administrators who succeeded in “Al-Arabiya”. Employees who work in 23 offices around the world, their stories, successes and sacrifices reflect the story of Al Arabia’s success and leadership over two decades.

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