Al-Akhdar.. Salem participates in group exercises

Salem Al-Dosari, the first Saudi national football team player, participated, on Tuesday, in group training, accompanied by his colleagues, while the player, Hassan Al-Tambukti, continued his special exercises, accompanied by the medical staff.
Al-Akhdar continues his training in his preparatory camp in Jeddah during the period “20-28” of this March, coinciding with the FIFA days.
On the field, the Al-Akhdar players conducted their training session at Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal Stadium, under the supervision of French coach Hervé Renard, and began with warm-up exercises and then passing exercises before conducting mini-matches, to conclude the training session with stretching exercises.
This, and the Saudi national team continues its training at nine thirty in the evening at Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal Stadium in a closed training session in front of the media, in preparation for the first experience in which it meets its Venezuelan counterpart on March 24.

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