Al-Ahly crowds the top of Al-Hazm with Jeddah points

Al-Ahly’s first football team achieved its fourth successive victory in the “Yellow League” for first-class clubs, after beating its counterpart, Jeddah, with a goal without a response, on Wednesday, at Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal Stadium, in the matches of the 23rd round of the competition.
The result raised Al-Ahly’s balance to 49 points, in second place, on goal difference, from the leaders Al-Hazm, who has the same point balance, while Jeddah remained in eighth place with 29 points.
Gambian Modu Barrow, Al-Ahly player, assumed the championship role after scoring the match’s only goal in the 50th minute, giving his team confrontation points.
Al-Ahly started the match with an advantage by launching several attacks against the Jeddah team, but it lacked focus in front of the goal, and Al-Ahly players were close to scoring on more than one occasion, especially from Haitham Asiri and Haitham Fayek; But the brilliance of Jeddah goalkeeper Bruno Grassi prevented that.
And the seriousness of the Jeddah team appeared 4 minutes before the end of the first half of the match, from a fixed kick carried out by Muhammad Al-Safari, and it was brilliantly tackled by Muhammad Al-Rubaie, Al-Ahly goalkeeper, and the half ended with a goalless draw.
With the start of the second half, the two teams shared the performance before the Gambian Modu Barrow could score in the 50th minute. The match referee needed to wait for the “VAR” technology to ensure that there was no case of offside on the Gambian player.
Before the end of the stoppage time, Jeddah was close to equalizing from Aqil Balghith’s shot from outside the boundaries of the penalty area, Al-Rubaie, the goalkeeper, pushed it away with his fingertips to keep the team ahead until the final whistle.
Al-Ahly will visit Najran next Tuesday, while Jeddah will receive its counterpart Al-Ain on the same day for the 24th round of the First League.

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