A verbal confrontation about providing Russia with Iranian weapons.. CNN anchor recounts facts and Abdullahian: Where is the proof?

In an exclusive interview, CNN’s chief international correspondent, Christiane Amanpour, speaks with Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian about the protests in Iran, the government’s brutal crackdown, the war in Ukraine, and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Here is part of the text of the conversation that took place between them:

Christian Amanpour: I want to ask you about another really important thing, which is the Iranian weapons to Russia targeting the Ukrainians during this war. Can you tell me why Iran has resorted to a policy of sending drones and other military support to President Putin that are being used to kill civilians inside Ukraine? Which violates all kinds of penalties, but also causes a huge amount of deaths.

Hussein Amir Abdullahian: Before that, I would like to say that women in Iran are a very important part of our society. During the years of the revolution, Iranian women have turned into a very dynamic and active force. We will not allow active Iranian women who adhere to their values ​​to be exploited by some to follow their standards and to create insecurity, riots and terrorism. under the pretext of hijab. Today, Iranian women have a very special place, not only in Iran, but all over the world. Wherever they are in the world, they are among the elite, so we must not try to diminish this important position that they possess. However, as far as Ukraine is concerned, we are against the war in Ukraine and have not sent arms to either side. Since the beginning of the war, we have tried to stop it so that both sides focus on political dialogue, which is the same policy that we adopted in the case of Yemen, Afghanistan and various other countries in crisis. As for the allegations against Iran regarding the drones, they are not true. We have had defense cooperation with Russia in the past and we are continuing this cooperation, but we have not provided Russia with any weapons to use in the war in Ukraine.

Christian Amanpour: Well, you may have seen these pictures, right? It is an Iranian drone that was found indoors and recovered from Ukraine. This is also the one next to which the President of Ukraine stands.

Hussein Amir Abdullahian: Who says that?

Christian Amanpour: Ukrainians, Ukrainians, these are from open sources like Yemen and others –

Hussein Amir Abdullahian: How can this be proven through pictures only?

Christian Amanpour: Do you deny it, are these two planes the same?

Hussein Amir Abdullahian: Let me explain that to you. I will explain to you.

Christian Amanpour: Well, but that’s what the Ukrainians say, and those are pictures of the same drone that you show at the military exhibitions that were done in Yemen and other places where you are active.

Hussein Amir Abdullahian: I will explain to you. I will explain to you what happened. A few months ago, I called the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, and said: What are these unfounded accusations you are making about Iran? He said: We already have documents stating that Russia is using Iranian Shahed planes in Ukraine. I said to him: Look, we are ready for your military team and the Iranian military team to sit down to look at these documents and then issue judgments. We arranged such a meeting in Oman, and the Ukrainian and Iranian military teams sat down and showed us some very blurry and fuzzy satellite images, and they claimed these were Iranian drones.

Christian Amanpour: But the pictures I showed you were neither blurry nor fuzzy —

Hussein Amir Abdullahian: Moment. Our experts examined these photos, and the photos had absolutely no connection to Iran. For four months, we’ve been waiting for the second round of talks, expecting them to come and present clearer documents, but the Ukrainian team keeps saying: in two weeks, soon. But nothing happened.

Christian Amanpour: Well, you said — the Iranian government said you sent drones to Russia, but you said that was before the invasion. But it seems that you, according to Western diplomats, sent a lot of them after the invasion. Hundreds of Iranian drones have been launched and more than 100 of them, according to the Ukrainians, have hit their targets – their civilian targets inside Ukraine – which is why the Russians are offering MiG fighters – this is the latest news – in exchange for drones and other things. Another Western diplomat said..

Hussein Amir Abdullahian: Your question is too long.

Christian Amanpour: I know it’s very long, but I’m trying to state the facts, because you say it doesn’t happen, so I need your answer. That is why there are penalties against you.

Hussein Amir Abdullahian: We asked our Russian counterparts, and they said: We did not use Iranian-made drones in Ukraine. And we said to our Ukrainian counterparts: if you have any documented evidence, give it to us and we will look into it. But the Ukrainian side has not shown us any strong evidence to prove this claim except for some media accusations. And I can tell you frankly as the Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, we are against war. We are against the war in Ukraine, against the war in Afghanistan, against the war in Yemen, and against the war in Palestine. Our president is making tremendous efforts to stop the war in Ukraine. Mr. Macron a few months ago asked the President of our country to come and mediate because he has good relations with Ukraine. Then the president, Mr. Raisi, sent me to Moscow and I spoke with the Russian officials. We are continuing our efforts. We believe that war is not a solution, whether in Ukraine or anywhere else in the world.

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